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World Bank: Estonia tops emerging Europe for controlling corruption

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Estonia controls corruption better than any other country in emerging Europe, a new study from the World Bank has revealed.

According to one of the organisation’s latest Worldwide Governance Indicator (WGIs), Estonia tops the region with a score of 89.9 percentage points. Slovenia was ranked second with 80.77, with Georgia third on 76.44.

Poland and the Czech Republic also made it to the top five for the region, with scores of 74.52 and 69.23, respectively. The first five are followed by Lithuania (68.75), Slovakia (66.35), Latvia (64.42), Croatia (60.1), Hungary (59.62), Montenegro (58.17) and Romania (52.40).

All of the remaining countries of emerging Europe scored below 50, with Azerbaijan and Ukraine having been ranked lowest, with scores of 21.63 and 18.27, respectively.

In terms of government effectiveness in the region, the World Bank also ranked Estonia first with 84.62 percentage points. Slovenia was ranked second (83.17) while Lithuania came in third (80.77).

The worst performing countries in emerging Europe were Ukraine (38.46) and Kosovo (37.98).

Further categories of the World Bank’s latest WGI report included voice and accountability, political stability and absence from violence, regulatory quality, as well as the rule of law.

The full report can be viewed here.