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IBA Group and Data Monsters form strategic generative AI partnership 

IBA Group, a full stack software service provider, and Data Monsters, an NVIDIA Elite consulting partner renowned for their AI expertise, announced the formation of a strategic partnership. This collaboration enhances IBA Group’s comprehensive capabilities across a wide spectrum of technologies with Data Monsters’ proficiency in NVIDIA AI solutions, namely Generative AI. 

Within this collaboration, IBA Group will support users in defining and implementing potential AI solutions, perform integration of the newly developed applications in the customer infrastructure, and provide support at all stages of testing and implementation, while Data Monsters will contribute its expertise in AI technologies based on NVIDIA systems.  

Considering IBA Group’s 31-year history of software excellence and Data Monsters’ 16 years of experience in AI and NVIDIA platforms, this partnership is poised to deliver complex AI solutions tailored for each industry and enterprise.  

Milos Surla, CEE Sales Director at IBA Group, says, “Any major AI installation requires knowledge of both Generative AI technologies and complex IT environment of a customer. IBA Group is covering the part of the projects related to AI integration in a complex environment, while Data Monsters provides core GenAI expertise. As a result, we are able to develop enterprise level GenAI solutions. With an elite vendor of NVIDIA like Data Monsters, we help customers adopt Generative AI capabilities at scale across their organisations.” 

Anatoly Rukavitsa, Serendipity Director at Data Monsters, went on to say, “As with any B2B solution for a specific company or enterprise, GenAI requires adaptation to meet unique needs. To unlock the full potential of GenAI, businesses need a combination of the right partners with technical and domain-specific expertise. That is why we joined forces with IBA Group to help clients solve their complex business challenges and accelerate their transformation journeys with GenAI.” 

Importance of a reliable partner 

IBA Group actively collaborates with clients from industries that require substantial specialized knowledge, such as oil and gas, telecommunications, energy, banking, and numerous other sectors that demand a highly thoughtful approach with bespoke solutions tailored to users’ needs.

With numerous teams dedicated to various industries, IBA Group understands the specifics of diverse markets and leverages its experience to provide the highest level of consulting and product development. The company has also been active for many years in the field of AI solutions and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, SAP integrations, and automation of various business processes. 

Data Monsters’ expertise is based on creating AI solutions for diverse client needs. Among the notable AI solutions is a digital worker for internal technical assistance in the oil and gas sector. Trained on the company’s internal vocabulary and potential employee queries, the digital worker enables up to 10 times faster query resolution. Data Monsters’ client base includes Cisco, Intel, Toyota, Pepsi, Nestle, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Adobe, P&G, Tetrapak, and General Motors. 

As Data Monsters primarily takes on a consultancy role in the field of Generative AI, they need reliable partners who understand specific markets and have expertise in ERP solutions. They found this partnership in IBA Group, which has been operating in Europe for over 30 years and has more than 2,000 IT and business professionals. IBA Group’s client base includes global giants like IBM, Goodyear, Rockwell Automation, and Fujitsu Technology Solutions.  The corporations collaborate with IBA on hundreds of projects in need of software services and solutions.  

NVIDIA takes the lead in the development of AI solutions 

Business users recognise NVIDIA AI solutions as reliable products that help transform their operations. The company has recently shifted its focus from chip production to the development of AI software solutions, which has brought record business results. In the first quarter of NVIDIA’s fiscal year 2024/2025, AI revenue was nearly four-fold higher than in the same period in 2023/2024, reaching 26 billion US dollars. NVIDIA operates exclusively through its network of NVIDIA partners, such as Data Monsters.  

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