InnoStars Talks, with Maurizio Ferrari of Synlab

In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to work effectively as a team, both internally and with other stakeholders, has become more important than ever.

“The results of Synlab alone do not exist; it is the research of Synlab as a partner with the best players in Europe or in the world. This is one of the challenges, to make the right research and to be connected with all the different researchers, universities, and companies,” Maurizio Ferrari, Chief Medical Officer at Synlab Italia, tells me in a new episode of the InnoStars Talks series from EIT Health in partnership with Emerging Europe. 

Synlab Italia is a national network of laboratories equipped with sampling points and multi-diagnostic centres of excellence that provide a wide range of services to patients throughout the country. This diagnostic network introduces a new “integrated” approach to medical innovation, prevention and health care in Italy, in compliance with European quality standards of excellence. 

Here are my three takeaways from the discussion: 

The importance of innovation 

That one should always strive to be better and never stop learning is a recurring theme. 

“Innovation, in this century, is mandatory for any type of activity. If you don’t innovate, for sure, you lose something. You lose [opportunities to identify improvements] for the patient.” 

Adaptability is crucial 

Being able to adjust to new situations and challenges is highlighted as a key skill for success. 

“Adaptability is crucial because the technological and organisational landscape in healthcare is continuously evolving. Without adapting, we risk becoming obsolete and not providing the best care for patients.” 

InnoStars Connect 

Synlab is one of two companies looking for solutions in the open innovation initiative, one that is tailor-made for healthcare visionaries and budding entrepreneurs and launched by EIT Health InnoStars.  

“This new proposal on the connection on challenges is really important. We collect all the requests, select with EIT and other partners the top companies, and then we use our expertise to help them improve their projects, aiming to offer new clinical useful tests for the patient.” 

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