Our Story-

Emerging Europe was founded in 2013 to play a role in bringing the region together, to promote its unity to the world, and to drive it forward, empowering and connecting people and organisations to prosper.
Now, while some parts of Western Europe have become lethargic or overtly hostile towards the wider European project, emerging Europe, encompassing Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans, and the South Caucasus, is offering the continent new impetus and hope.
Our ongoing work amplifies the fresh energy and leadership being provided by the emerging Europe region. It reflects the eastwards shift in Europe’s centre of gravity, and emerging Europe’s development as a key global player—economically, politically, socially, and culturally.
We envision a region where every individual has the opportunity, means, and freedom to fulfil their potential, enabled by reinvention, sustainability, collaboration, technology, and entrepreneurship.
We deliver real impact for our partners, using our outside-in knowledge of the region, our network of businesses, governments, and experts, our globally-read analytical website, and market intelligence.
The addition of dedicated research, reinvention, and capacity-building teams now equips us to offer the fully integrated approach needed to empower people and organisations across the region to thrive.
As Europe’s centre of gravity continues to move eastward, Emerging Europe is uniquely positioned to place its partners at the heart of the significant changes and developments taking place in the continent’s most dynamic region.



Private and public organisations from or with ties to the emerging Europe region that are dedicated to sustainability and progress.


Our integrated approach saves you time and delivers a bigger impact.




We craft compelling content and research to position you as a thought leader in front of a global audience invested and present in emerging Europe.


We blend an outside-in view of emerging Europe with local insight. This combination, together with data accuracy and strict research methods, means you can make big decisions with confidence.


Our global network opens doors to the connections you need for success. We help you reach future partners, clients, and amplifiers in a meaningful way.



• Encourage constant reinvention and promote sustainable and future-proof solutions, even in times of continuous disruption.

• Foster collaboration and build a community where individuals can learn, grow and create together.

• Value the region’s and our own biggest asset—talent, with its diligence, creativity and diversity.

• Build partnerships with clients and provide them with superior value and service.

• Act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.