About Emerging Europe

Emerging Europe is a UK-based data-driven and social-impact management advisory. Our primary focus is on supporting clients with showcasing, navigating and understanding the emerging Europe region.

Our mission is to contribute to the social, economic, and democratic development of 23 countries in Central, Eastern, and South-East Europe, as well as the South Caucasus.

As a trusted partner with a strong local presence, we assist businesses and organisations looking to grow or establish themselves in emerging Europe.

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed by providing them with valuable insights, strategic guidance, and the necessary tools for growth.

Our clients’ profiles fit into four main groups. This is how we help them:

  • Governments of emerging Europe: We help attract investments and promote value-added sectors such as IT and Global Business Services.
  • Governments, trade and investment agencies, and chambers of commerce outside the region: We assist in exploring business opportunities in emerging Europe.
  • International companies from markets like the UK, the US, Israel, Germany, and India: We support them with site selection and help them navigate the region to identify the best location for their operations, as well as build their brand and thought leadership and open connections across the region.
  • Companies set up in emerging Europe: We assist them in enhancing brand recognition and establishing thought leadership. We facilitate connections with potential partners and influencers, as well as support strategic business decision-making.

Our market intelligence also includes three types of reports — produced independently, for, or in collaboration with clients:

  • Bespoke market intelligence reports for clients: We provide customised reports focused on tech, IT, start-ups, and global business services. These reports play a crucial role in our clients’ site selection process, in which we advise them.
  • Research reports produced with partners and clients: We collaborate with organisations like Visa, UiPath, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, and the Ukrainian Start-up Fund to produce publicly available reports on topics like female entrepreneurship, digital transformation, digital health, and start-ups.
  • Our own research reports: These publicly available reports help our global audience navigate the region and cover topics such as IT, investment promotion, business-friendly cities, sustainability, travel, and food.

We have multiple programmes and communities that focus on innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Clients can join most of them as partners and achieve their business and communications goals whilst being part of a wider initiative. These include:

  • The Future of Emerging Europe: This programme brings together like-minded individuals and organisations to drive sustainable development in the region. It includes the Emerging Europe Awards, which recognise the best of emerging Europe.
  • Tech Emerging Europe Advocates: We run this community of tech entrepreneurs, leaders, experts, and investors who are passionate about making emerging Europe a global tech hub. It is part of the Global Tech Advocates network.
  • The Digital Future of Emerging Europe: In collaboration with Microsoft and PwC, we facilitate discussions and exchanges around digital innovation and sustainability.
  • She’s Next in partnership with Visa: This hub and community support and inspire female talent on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • The Global Visibility Programme: Our membership programme offers compelling editorial content to help organisations enhance their social proof, digital presence, and thought leadership.
  • Support Digital Ukraine: This initiative aims to raise global awareness of Ukraine’s tech ecosystem and reassure international partners.

We also operate Emerging Europe, an independent editorial and analytical site that serves as the world’s leading source of English-language business information about the region. Our content is regularly quoted or referenced by international mainstream media and leading research organisations. Featuring in the publication helps our clients build their brand, digital presence and thought leadership.

Unlike many news and information platforms, Emerging Europe is free to read and always will be. We are independent, not affiliated with nor representing any political party or business organisation business organisation. If you want to support our editorial coverage of the region, you can contribute here.

Furthermore, we provide bespoke capacity-building training and workshops to strengthen the communication, media relations, and business development skills of start-ups, scale-ups, and established companies. We have collaborated with leading organisations such as the World Bank Group, USAID, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.