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Wine lovers once again invited to head for Romania

Wine lovers in Romania will have two opportunities this autumn to taste some of the country’s best new grape, one in the capital Bucharest and another in the Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca.

The Harvest Wine Festival by RO-Wine, a gathering celebrating new harvest wines, will take place in Bucharest on September 28-29, at the Timpuri Noi Square complex a short distance from the city centre, at Biutiful Downtown / Carnivale Food Market, focusing on the red wines of 2018 and the white wines of 2019, wines still a few steps away from unveiling their true potential, but already able to describe what the 2020 wine market will taste like.

Then, in October, on the 26th and 27th, the RO-Wine International Wine Festival of Romania returns to Cluj-Napoca after a hugely successful first edition in 2018. Chios Social Lounge will host the event.

“RO-Wine is first of all an experience provider, a place to meet the best available wines and top gourmet offers,” said Marinela Vasilica Ardelean, co-founder of RO-Wine International Wine Festival of Romania. “Still, such a festival cannot cover all the aspects involved in the wine market and one of these aspects, so long neglected in Romania, is the official launching of next year’s wines. With increasingly hot summers and the first white wines already bottled during the first days of autumn, this moment comes earlier every year, moving from the last weeks of October, as it used to be about 30 years ago, to September. We are confident we’ll be able to gather quite a bunch of fresh wines, along with classics, to portray next year’s market, offering a full picture of the new harvest. And some of these wines will also be found at the Cluj edition of RO-Wine.”

“After the fourth edition in Bucharest we were able to demonstrate the truth of an old saying – after three editions, every event becomes a destination,” added Liviu Popescu, co-founder RO-Wine International Wine Festival of Romania. “I’m glad to say that we have become a destination for foreign wine tourists, who come specifically to attend our wine festival. The new gourmet section we introduced this year was also more successful than we hoped, therefore the necessity of a horizontal development of our events became apparent. We have a beautiful space, which has already became a gastronomy hub for Bucharest, a place where interesting things happen all the time, and we felt that it was time to open that space for a broader audience through our wine events. The encounter between gastronomy and oenology was postponed for too long. I think it’s the right time to step up and be more involved in this rapidly growing market.”

Registration for both the Harvest Wine Festival and RO-Wine Cluj is now available at Early bird tickets for Harvest Wine Festival will be available at, for 50 lei per day.