Braintri signs Benefia deal

Braintri, a European leader in FinTech innovations, has announced a new deal with the Benefia subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group. The insurance subscription platform developed by Braintri is being launched in several sales channels of Benefia, including mobile. The platform, named hiPRO Connector, has already been implemented for Allianz. The new implementation marks a busy year for Braintri, which also includes new mobile banking projects for PKO Bank Polski and mBank.

The hiPRO Connector allows customers to pay for car insurance in monthly installments, a relatively new and innovative scheme for insurance products. The Polish insurtech hiPRO is responsible for the business development of the platform, while the Estonian Inbank and the Polish Alior Bank will be providing the financing for Benefia customers.

The new deal is another step in Braintri’s dynamic business expansion. Apart from insurtech projects for Allianz and Benefia, the Warsaw-based company has been constantly strengthening its market position as a leading provider of mobile banking solutions.

“We entered 2019 with the feeling we achieved most of our goals,” said Wojciech Zatorski, Braintri’s co-founder and COO. “Winning over new big brands proves that our efforts in providing the current customers with world-class IT services are noticed and appreciated. There are new goals ahead, including finalising the company’s merger with iCompass, planned rebranding, and gaining a stronger foothold on international markets. This will surely be the busiest year in Braintri’s six-year history.”