ČEZ to develop small modular nuclear reactors as a carbon-free energy source

Czech energy group ČEZ will develop small modular nuclear reactors in cooperation with the American company NuScale, in order to meet a growing demand for carbon-free energy.

Small modular reactors offer a lower initial capital investment, greater scalability, and siting flexibility for locations unable to accommodate more traditional larger reactors.

“We have a long-term orientation on new solutions and technologies,” said Daniel Beneš, CEO of ČEZ. “Our technical-engineering company UJV Rez is already researching small modular reactors, which represent an important future alternative that cannot be ignored,” he said.

ČEZ operates six commercial reactors at the Dukovany and Temelín power plants, which produce approximately one-third of all electricity in the Czech Republic.

“Our aim is to set trends, not only to follow them,” commented Vice Premier and Minister of Industry of the Czech Republic Karel Havlíček. “The Czech government gives top priority to innovations and small modular reactors can be the future of nuclear energy. I am glad ČEZ has intensive research in this field. Czech nuclear energy research has traditionally been one of the best in the world and the cooperation with NuScale on development of small modular reactors further confirms this position.”