EBRD Provides New Boost to Albanian Tourism

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is allocating 100 million euros to the Albanian tourism sector.

According to the vice-president of EBRD, Alain Pilloux, this money will benefit small businesses operating in the area of tourism.

“Along with the Albanian government and the European Union we’re preparing an innovative program in order to support the growth of the private sector in Albania,” said Mr Pilloux. “This programme will help the tourism sector through the construction of local roads and water systems, while the programme also provides funding for small businesses operating in tourism as well as for the preservation and the restoration of Albania’s cultural and natural heritage.”

The tourism sector is currently booming in Albania, employing 42,000 people,entrepreneurs and hoteliers are creating new jobs all the time.

“Tourism is a sector that provides guaranteed employment,”said the Albanian Deputy Finance and Economy Minister Dajna Sorensen. “Much has been done to promote professional education that facilitates the integration of young people into the labour market. Out of 35 vocational education schools in Albania 11 offer hotel profiles, where 2800 students study.”