Hungary opens 103 million-euro wheat processing plant

A new wheat starch plant worth 33 billion forints (103 million euros) has been opened in Visonta, in northeast Hungary, another milestone for the increasingly productive Hungarian food industry. The plant will be operated by grain processing company Viresol, which received a 6.2 billion-forint government grant for the project.

“It is useful for me to see projects such as this for myself,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at plant’s inauguration.

The plant will process 250,000 tonnes of Hungarian GMO-free wheat with a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology, without any waste. In a year with a good crop rate, the plant will be able to process 10 per cent of all Hungarian wheat intended for export, creating 250 jobs as employs and some 450 people as suppliers.

“In the future we will need many such companies, brave businesses with a good sense of enterprise, which may then lead the way for local development and innovation. The goal is that the most advanced solutions should be developed in Hungary, so that we ourselves should use these new technologies,” added Mr Orbán.