Pickering Group expands Czech operations

American electronics manufacturer Pickering Group is expanding its operations in the Czech Republic.

“Despite predictions as far back as the 1970s that our relay business would have a limited lifetime, we have seen exactly the reverse,” commented Keith Moore, CEO at Pickering Electronics. “We are challenged by our customers, including our sister company Pickering Interfaces – to deliver ever-higher performance in miniature packages, and that means that demand for our reed relays has never been higher.”

The Czech facility is already producing many of Pickering Interfaces’ vast array of switching and simulation products used in PXI, LXI, and PCI applications, as well as value-added assembly including cable and connector solutions. With the new investment, worth five million UK pounds, the group is planning to add a further 3000 sq m facility.

“Demand for our simulation, test and verification products is also increasing, thanks to the complexity of today’s automotive and semiconductor manufacturing systems and the need for automated test processes,” Mr Moore added. “Therefore, we needed to streamline our manufacturing operations and add more capacity. We expect this to be an ongoing process, especially in the Czech Republic as we look to add new products and support activities.”

Pickering will also be expanding its operations in the UK.