Warsaw Stock Exchange Launches New Development Strategy

The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) has launched its new #GPW2022 strategy, a package of 14 different initiatives that will focus on the development of new platforms matching buyers and sellers on the trading floor in Warsaw. Via the strategy, GPW aims to support Poland’s economy more than ever before in catching up with the most advanced economies of the world.

“We are set to compete with the 24 most advanced economies of the world following Poland’s promotion from Emerging Markets to Developed Markets status by FTSE Russell,” said Marek Dietl, president of the GPW Management Board. “To compete effectively, we have to improve our products and enter new business areas.”

Among the initiatives there is a more comprehensive educational programme supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs); improving liquidity on the GPW Group’s cash and derivatives markets through promotion and expansion of securities lending and borrowing; and a full range of products and services on the debt market (Treasury bonds, corporate bonds).

The main goal of the GPW Group is to focus on technological development and innovative solutions to diversify its revenue base. Examples include the creation of a platform matching companies and investors on the private market; or business reporting standards which will ensure automatic data processing and lower reporting costs for companies.

“An increasing number of innovative companies and start-ups in Poland need capital to grow. Our offer must address their needs to enable them structured access to capital. Companies still lack the ability to finance high-risk businesses. GPW wants to accommodate the needs of SMEs which will soon compete with their international peers. Companies participating in the Polish economy should offer products and services which can be scaled globally,” added Mr Dietl.

The GWP group is also addressing current important issues such as transparency and the energy sector.

In the case of transparency, stable benchmark calculation methods based on transaction data will be used, in order to improve the transparency of transactions on the financial market. When it comes to the energy industry, the GWP group is looking at a new auction platform of infrastructure services for the electricity and gas markets and clearing of electricity and gas forwards on organised trading facilities and in OTC trade; in addition, an electronic trading platform for waste and its recycling/disposal products will also be implemented.