Belarus to create ‘high-tech university’

The government of Belarus has announced that it will establish what it calls a “high-tech university” to support the growth of the Belarusian IT sector, Belsat TV has reported.

According to the country’s deputy prime minister Aleksander Turchin, such an institution is necessary to ensure the training of the next generations of IT specialists.

“The global economy acquires an absolutely new look, under the influence of IT technologies. There are new branches generating colossal revenues without traditional resources and mechanisms. And the human capital plays a crucial role in this,” Mr Turchin told Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko.

“Our education system in general meets the personnel demand. But we need a new generation of specialists for successful digital transformation and creation of the new economy. We do not train such specialists right now,” he stressed.

He also expressed his hopes that the new institution would prevent young Belarusian professionals from leaving the country.

The new university will be founded the Belarusian State University of Information Technology and Radioelectronics, the High Technology Park and its resident companies.

It is expected to launch a recruitment process for its first 180 students from 2020.