Bosnia’s currency board offers investors low-risk opportunities, says Raiffeisen boss

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - AUGUST 19 2017: Panoramiv view of Sarajevo from Yellow fortress with skycrapers in the background

Low inflation is one of the main reasons that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s investment risk remains low, Karlheinz Dobnigg, president of the management board of Raiffeisen Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina has said in an interview with Discover CEE. 

“The country’s monetary policy has rested on the currency board principle for more than 25 years,” he said. “This is why the country’s macro-economic environment is very stable.”

“The local market offers investment opportunities free of any currency risk which is a very important factor for an investor’s financial planning.” he added, also saying that the liberal regimes of currency trading and international capital movement allow for exports without additional customer burdens.

The Bosnian workforce was also praised in the interview.

“Bosnia has a highly-killed workforce compared to the region, where the workforce offer has become a limited factor,” said Mr Dobnigg.

Access to finance is also good in Bosnia, Raiffeisen’s boss points out.

“Access to finance comes at a low cost compared to the country’s credit rating,” he said, “and Bosnia has one of the simplest tax systems in the region with the lowest average tax burden in Europe.”

You can see the full interview with Mr Dobnigg at Discover CEE.