Georgia to privatise Gori wind farm

Natia Turnava, Georgia’s economy minister, has announced that the government plans to privatise the Gori wind energy plant, which will take place within the next 90 days.

According to, Ms Turnava said that special preparations are required within the privatisation process as the financial obligations of the plant towards the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) make it extremely complex.

“Georgian Post also faces the same difficulties,” she said, adding that the Kirtli energy plant is in a similar situation.

Responding to questions from the Georgian press, the economy minister said that the government would not privatise the Georgian Railways, the country’s national railway company.

The Gori energy plant has been in operation since 2016 with annual capacity of 84.1 million kWh. The project was funded to the tune of 34 million US dollars by the EBRD and the Georgian Energy Development Fund.