Introducing Emerging Europe’s Architects of Tomorrow

Emerging Europe’s Architects of Tomorrow: 28 outstanding individuals all committed to bringing about positive change in their home countries.

Since their inception in 2018, the Emerging Europe Awards have aimed to recognise and celebrate outstanding individuals, projects, initiatives, organisations, and companies that have made significant contributions to the social, economic, and democratic development of the region. 

Over the last four years, our editorial team has recognised severable notable public figures, including Laura Codruța Kövesi, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Maia Sandu, and Mykhailo Fedorov. However, we continue to be inspired by many more individuals from across the region, all of who deserve recognition for their work. 

We are thus proud to announce our first Architects of Tomorrow, a group consisting of 28 exceptional individuals—one for each country of emerging Europe and Central Asia. 

These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and professions, including innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, engineers, technologists, social activists, educators, artists, journalists, policy makers, environmentalists, and community builders. Each of them contributes to shaping a better tomorrow for the region in their respective domains. 

“This group of exceptional people represent the brightest and best of our diverse region,” says Craig Turp-Balazs, editor of Emerging Europe. “They are all committed to bringing about positive change in their home countries, often under difficult circumstances, while advocating for those countries on the global stage.  

“We are thrilled to be able to take this opportunity to recognise their work, and do so in the certainty that they will continue to contribute to the social and economic development of not just their homelands, but the entire region.” 

Emerging Europe’s Architects of Tomorrow 2023 

Dafina Peci, Albania

Fanning the flames of dreams, unlocking potential and empowering young people to soar.

Seda Papoyan, Armenia 

Empowering the minds of the next generations and shaping their tomorrows through education. 

Sona Salimli-Alasgarova, Azerbaijan

Pioneering a tech-driven legal landscape and democratising law for better access.

Francišak Viačorka, Belarus

Courageous advocacy and forging ahead in the fight for democracy and human rights.

Adnan Ćerimagić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Inspiring transformation, streamlining prosperity, stability and security of the region. 

Kostadin Nedev, Bulgaria

Cultivating curiosity and igniting the spark of innovation for tomorrow’s leaders. 

Vernesa Smolčić, Croatia 

Unveiling the mysteries of the cosmos and empowering humanity to reach for the stars. 

Jan Lukačevič, Czechia

Redefining possibilities through technology and space innovation to empower humanity. 

Kaisa Hensen, Estonia

Leading the way in sustainable excellence through innovation and making every action count. 

Nino Enukidze, Georgia

Breaking down barriers, inspiring change and empowering women everywhere for a better future. 

Szabolcs Panyi, Hungary

Seeking truth, strengthening democracy and fueling change through curiosity and determination. 

Zaure Rozmat, Kazakhstan

Embracing the cutting-edge blend of innovation and setting new paths in the media world. 

Zana Avdiu, Kosovo

Championing difficult discussions and unleashing the power of dialogue to drive social change. 

Aidana Aidarbekova, Kyrgyzstan

Blasting gender stereotypes out of orbit while defying gravity and exploring space.

Diāna Pershtein-Lapkis, Latvia

Empowering visionaries by unleashing the power of social entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Povilas Poderskis, Lithuania

Exploring, empowering and succeeding by harnessing the power of data for future innovations. 

Dumitru Alaiba, Moldova

Embracing the digital revolution through a courageous vision and igniting economic success. 

 Milojko Spajić, Montenegro

Prioritising the nation’s lifelong wellbeing, quality living and happiness for generations to come. 

Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, North Macedonia

Empowering local communities and transforming lives by harnessing the potential of the diaspora. 

Daniel Jarząb, Poland

Revolutionising the world through pioneering innovations using technology and the human body. 

Mihai Filip, Romania

Embracing innovation and technology, embodying security and inspiring a world of possibilities. 

Dragana Vujović Djermanović, Serbia

Redefining entrepreneurship by embracing the power of connection and collaboration. 

Mikuláš Lakatoš, Slovakia

Harnessing the power of diversity for a brighter future by uniting voices and amplifying impact.

Tilen Travnik, Slovenia

Empowering a greener tomorrow with innovative, transformative and sustainable food solutions.  

Nigora Fazliddin, Tajikistan

Igniting hope and driving change and social impact through the power of clever storytelling.

Jennet Akmyradova, Turkmenistan

Unleashing the power of entrepreneurship and inspiring transformation in challenging landscapes.

Nataliya Mykolska, Ukraine

Rising above unprecedented challenges, embracing change and forging a path to a better tomorrow.

Djasur Djumaev, Uzbekistan

Igniting dreams and inspiring greatness by paving a way for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

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