Slovak foreign minister resigns

The Slovak Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miroslav Lajčák has resigned in protest at the country’s decision to vote against the UN global migration pact.

Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini is trying to get Mr Lajčák to rethink his decision, claiming that the issue is not a resigning matter.

“I do not want to lose him,” Mr Pellegrini said. “I cannot imagine anyone else taking over the OSCE presidency next year, or trying to solve the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Slovakia must have only the best diplomats and I cannot nominate anyone who has less experience than Minister Lajčák.”

The prime minister has reassured Mr Lajčák that Slovakia will not deviate from its pro-European and pro-NATO course.

“The core values of Slovakia are in the EU, and the security of our country is connected with NATO membership. Our economy is linked to successful Western economies. I will never allow ourselves to move away from these values and the economic space that gives us room for prosperity,” he added.

Slovakia is the latest country of Central and Eastern Europe to publicly oppose the UN migration pact, following Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Photo: Miroslav Lajčák Facebook page