Ukraine to finalise two energy efficiency projects

Ukraine has successfully completed two projects on the sustainable use of energy resources within the framework of the EU4Energy programme.

As part of the project, a hospital in Voznesenk was reconstructed and made energy efficient. The windows of hospital have been replaced with modern double-glazing, which will ensure a comfortable microclimate in winter and summer, leading to heat and air conditioning savings.

The retrofitting process also included the thermal insulation of the building’s facades, which is modelled on the system and PS-panels of Polish company Pruszynski. It is expected that energy efficiency measures will result in approximately 62 per cent energy savings, which will help the hospital to ensure better conditions for its patients.

The purpose of another project in Dubno was to raise awareness about the use of renewable energy sources. Sustainable Energy Week consisted of a series of public events designed to attract the attention of different generations to the problems associated with efficient use of energy resources as well as usage of modern technologies to achieve energy savings.

As a part of Sustainable Energy Week, Dubno’s school libraries opened exhibitions with collections of educational materials on the topic of energy efficiency and environment. The children of Dubno were asked to illustrate energy and environmental topics in a drawing competition organised within the project. School libraries also hosted exhibitions featuring eco-friendly technologies and resources.

EU4Energy is a programme which supports municipalities in the Eastern Partnership region, signed up the Covenant of Mayors, to reduce their carbon emission by 20 per cent by 2020. The facility provides financial and technical assistance to targeted energy efficiency projects, as well as runs trainings, webinars and supervision to enhance the capacity of municipalities on energy management.