US eager to strengthen ties with Estonia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has expressed his readiness to strengthen the relationship between the US and Estonia. This came in response to a diplomatic letter delivered via the US under secretary of state, who recently met with the Estonian foreign minister, Urmas Reinsalu, in Tallinn. 

Mr Pompeo emphasised the importance of the US-Estonian relationship and his desire for it to deepen. In times of global power struggles with Russia, China and Iran, he highlighted the need for secure and collective defence tactics. The US thanked Estonia for its support in its sanctions against the aforementioned powers and the importance of transatlantic unity in foreign policy. 

The US representative made particular note of the strength of Estonian cybersecurity and the increasing need to adapt to the changing threats to national security. 

Mr Pompeo also outlined that Estonia’s election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council was a unique opportunity to further strengthen ties between the two nations, while reminding Estonia of the US’s priorities at the UN General Assembly. 

The economic relationship between the two countries is also of great importance, particularly as the US is a top 10 export partner for Estonia. Hi-tech start-ups and companies in Estonia often benefit from US investment and American financing, while the US is able to benefit from Estonian innovation.