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AI & MedTech CEE Conference: Transforming healthcare through medical innovation

The AI & MedTech CEE Conference returns for its third time on June 6, 2023, bringing together leaders, experts and medical innovation professionals to discuss key topics related to new technologies in the healthcare sector. 

The AI & MedTech CEE conference is the only event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices. It provides a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field, network with professionals and learn about the latest developments in medical innovation in the Polish and foreign health care sector. 

“Thanks to advances in technology, medical professionals now have access to a wide range of data and resources, allowing them to make more informed decisions and provide more personalised care. From electronic medical records and telemedicine to advanced diagnostic and treatment tools based on artificial intelligence. By leveraging the latest advances in medical innovation and digital technologies, we can create a more patient-centered and cost-effective healthcare system that benefits everyone,” says Ligia Kornowska, managing director of the Polish Hospital Federation and leader of the AI in Health Coalition. 

The benefits of medical innovation are clear. But despite this, the road to full adoption of medical innovation in the healthcare sector is not without challenges. The conference aims to point out what still awaits us on the path of the digital revolution, what problems remain to be solved, what we have achieved so far with medical innovation, and how we can, using the latest trends, overcome the barriers to technological development. 

Last year’s edition of the Conference, which is organised annually by the Polish Hospital Federation, the AI in Health Coalition and the team of experts of inHealth, featured dozens of speakers and panelists, as well as guests from countries such as Slovakia, the UK, Hungary, India, Italy, France and Germany, for example. This year we will also host numerous representatives from abroad.

A programme council for the conference has also been established, with representatives from the public side – the Ministry of Health of Poland, the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, the Centre for e-Health in Poland, the European Commission and the Polish Medical Research Agency – along with the most prominent industry organisations – ECHAlliance, e-Estonia, Geneva Sustainability Centre powered by the International Hospital Federation.  

The conference is free and open to anyone interested in the future of AI and healthcare. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with experts in the field, participate in informative sessions and panel discussions, and hear from experts from around the world.

Those interested in attending can register at the website:

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