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Gepard PIM unveils AI-enhanced features, paving the way for the future of product catalogue management 

Gepard, the Product Information Management solution vendor, has announced the release of its latest product update, marking a step forward with the introduction of its AI functionality.

Designed to revolutionise the way eCommerce businesses interact with their product data, this update aims to significantly increase productivity, slash time to market, and automate some of the most time-consuming processes in PIM. 

For feature values that have a direct match, the Gepard PIM system now automatically maps them. This reduces manual intervention, minimizes errors, and ensures that data is consistent across the platform. 

The integration of AI into the PIM platform transforms the way product data is managed. By automating suggestions and mappings, we reduce the potential for human error and save valuable time. Real-time suggestions further enhance the user experience, ensuring that data management is not just accurate but also efficient. 

On this update, Sergii Shvets, CEO of Gepard, remarked, “With the introduction of these AI-enabled features, we’re not just enhancing our platform; we’re reinventing the PIM experience аs we would like it to be. PIM space needs AI innovation, the industry has been waiting for it, and we are proud to be at the forefront.” 

The notable AI-driven features include: 

  1. Table-based Import AI Recognition: With the new AI recognition system, importing tables and spreadsheets becomes seamless, with the system smartly recognising and categorising the data. 
  1. AI Suggestions for Product Attributes Mapping: The AI assists users by suggesting the most accurate attribute mappings, based on vast amounts of data, leading to more precise and efficient outcomes. 
  1. AI Suggestions for Product Attributes Values Mapping: Streamline the value assignment process. The system’s AI offers suggestions for product attributes value mappings, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all products. 

Cyril Dorogan, COO of Gepard, shared the enthusiasm, and stated, “Our primary goal has always been to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. These AI capabilities not only automate but intelligently refine processes, ensuring that our clients achieve a level of efficiency that was previously unattainable.” 

As businesses across the globe continue to rely on effective product information management, innovations such as these AI functionalities in the Gepard PIM solution will undoubtedly set new standards for the industry. The new features are available immediately to all Gepard users.

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