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Moldova embraces the challenge of the tech future: Racing for talent with groundbreaking educational initiatives 

In an era where technology dictates economic prowess, Moldova is stepping up in the global tech arena. The nation is making a significant mark, boasting a tech sector that contributes a remarkable 7.4 per cent to its GDP. This is a testament to Moldova’s growing strength in IT, a field where it’s not just participating, but excelling.

Recognising the need for a tech-savvy workforce to drive future growth, Moldova is committed to a radical shift towards a digitised society. This includes a competitive ICT infrastructure, robust cybersecurity measures in response to regional tensions, and strides towards a fully digital government.

With 40 per cent of its public services now online, Moldova is a regional leader in digital transformation, thanks in part to strategic government policies that draw investments and nurture IT sector growth through key initiatives like a conducive tax environment and pioneering Europe’s first e-Park. 

Addressing the global talent crunch, Moldova is actively competing for skilled professionals, preparing its youth with cutting-edge knowledge in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. This ensures that the future workforce is not just ready, but leading in technological innovation.

This year, a locally developed educational programme, Tekwill in Every School (TiES), executed by the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC), received international acclaim, winning awards for its innovative approach, contributions to educational reform, and efforts to promote social cohesion, all dedicated to advancing future generations. 

IT education for all generations in Moldova 

Moldova’s commitment to shaping a digital society is reflected in its multifaceted strategy, focusing on integrating digital literacy into basic education, building a proactive digital educational system, leveraging data-driven decision-making and promoting digital skills as fundamental abilities.

Tekwill in Every School, one of the most prominent educational initiatives in Moldova, pioneers multiple e-courses on topics vital to future job opportunities, engaging more than fifty thousand students across the country, even in the most remote areas.

Pupils as young as seventh grade have the opportunity to acquire practical skills in areas such as coding, software development, AI, creative skills, social-emotional skills and entrepreneurship.  

“Our journey began when we realised that the IT industry in the Republic of Moldova could not progress without a well-trained workforce,” says Ana Chirita, strategic projects director at ATIC.

“We understood that this process must begin in schools, with our youth equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the technological future. Thus, we focused on several vital areas: we transformed the professional training process, updated the school curriculum to meet the demands of the digital age, provided cutting-edge technology to schools, and encouraged children to embrace this change.

“Currently, our leading initiative, Tekwill in Every School (TiES), has reached 60 per cent of Moldova’s schools. However, we aim to achieve even more ambitious objectives in the future. By 2024, our goal is to link 90 per cent of high schools in the nation to TiES, providing every third student in Moldova with access to contemporary, market-oriented educational programmes.” 

This year, the project has garnered international recognition, securing four accolades: the WISE Awards, the Global Innovation and Tech Excellence Awards, the Best Initiative in the Republic of Moldova, and inclusion in the Hundred Global Collection 2023. These honours underscore Moldova’s dedication to enhancing its educational framework and equipping its youth with the skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, embracing its challenges and seizing its limitless possibilities. 

A vision for 2030: Digitalisation of education and building a progressive labour market 

The extension of the TIES programme beyond 2023 is poised to make a substantial impact on the Republic of Moldova’s workforce by infusing it with highly skilled young professionals. The peak of the programme’s influence is anticipated to occur between 2028 and 2035. 

In line with Moldova’s strategic plan to fully digitalise the education sector by 2030, the Tekwill in Every School programme is instrumental, as it provides students with essential practical skills that align with the demands of future professions.

This alignment not only supports the nation’s objectives to develop a digital society, foster innovative ICT infrastructures, and strengthen cybersecurity measures, but also aids in crafting a distinguished digital presence on the world stage. Moreover, the initiative catalyses innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to economic development and positioning Moldova as a digital excellence centre. 

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