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Monetary motivations? The APT Search 2023 eDiscovery Salary Survey

The main market drivers for 2023 include money, career prospects, and increased flexibility.

APT Search, a legal technology recruitment firm, has released its third annual eDiscovery Salary Survey for 2023.  

This report provides a comprehensive view of salary trends, skills in demand, and market shifts in the eDiscovery industry. The report is an essential tool for eDiscovery professionals, cybersecurity experts, and information governance experts who need to understand salary trends, skills in demand, and market shifts. 

The survey offers insights into the legal tech experience of respondents, with 45 per cent having over ten years of experience in the field. Those with six-nine years of experience accounted for 26 per cent, followed by respondents with three-five years of experience (19 per cent). Respondents with zero-two years of experience made up 10 per cent of the total. 

In terms of tenure with their current organisations, the majority of respondents (41 per cent) have been with their organisation for under one year. This was followed by those with two-three years of tenure (30 per cent), four-five years (13 per cent), six-seven years (nine per cent), and eight-nine years (five per cent). A small percentage of respondents (two per cent) have been with their organisation for ten or more years. 

The report highlights the main market drivers for 2023, including money, career prospects, and increased flexibility. Money emerged as the primary driver, with 71 per cent of respondents indicating its importance. Career prospects were also significant, with 61 per cent of respondents highlighting this factor. Furthermore, the desire for remote working and increased flexibility was a key driver for 49 per cent of respondents, reflecting the changing work patterns in the industry. 

The report also examines salary benchmarks by region and job title. While the general trend between 2022 and 2023 was a mix of increases and decreases, it varied significantly by role and region. The US and EU typically saw more increases than decreases, with notable gains in Senior eDiscovery Project Manager and Client Services Director roles. The UK presented more mixed results, with the most significant increase observed for the eDiscovery / Computer Forensics Analyst position. 

The report provides a rich review of salary observations from respondents from the 2022 and 2023 surveys. According to the report, last year, the market saw an influx of talent exploring new ventures alongside a rise in start-ups and smaller companies, many of whom APT Search helped to expand their teams. This exciting trend underlines the dynamism and potential within the legal technology sector. 

APT Search’s unique Talent-on-Demand service has seen a significant increase in demand, providing organisations with cost-effective access to a pool of trained, experienced talent without requiring a long-term commitment. This service is particularly beneficial for completing short-term tasks, providing businesses and candidates with a flexible, efficient solution. 

The APT Search eDiscovery Salary Survey is a vital tool for anyone in the legal technology, cybersecurity, or information governance fields. It provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the interconnected landscapes of these industries, including salary trends, skills in demand, and market shifts.  

The report is especially useful for strategic planning, talent acquisition, and career development. As the legal technology sector continues to evolve, it is essential for professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and insights. The report, which can be downloaded here, provides actionable insights that fuel success and foster growth. 

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