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Parimatch Tech becomes GR8 Tech

Maksym Liashko, ex-CEO of Parimatch Tech, says that the creation of GR8 Tech is a long-awaited event, “towards which we at Parimatch Tech have been consistently working throughout 2022”.

A new company entered the global iGaming B2B market this week: GR8 Tech. As the successor to Parimatch Tech — the company that developed the platform and marketing solutions for the Parimatch brand — GR8 Tech combines 30 years of experience in the iGaming market with a focus on long-term partnerships, commitment, and a straightforward approach to providing great gaming tech to satisfy the even greater ambition of its clients.

Coming from a large ecosystem, GR8 Tech says that it knows firsthand about working with B2C clients, clearly understands the pains and problems of operators, and can solve them with its developments.

The firm says that, “business is a race in which the only partners you need are GR8 ones. That means us.”

Maksym Liashko, ex-CEO of Parimatch Tech, says that the creation of GR8 Tech is a long-awaited event, “towards which we at Parimatch Tech have been consistently working throughout 2022”.

“I am delighted and proud to see Parimatch Tech’s people embark on this new B2B journey,” he adds. “I’m convinced their experience and expertise under the guidance of GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov will allow them to realise all the ambitious goals the company sets itself.”

Founded in 1994

The company’s race in the gambling industry began in 1994 with the birth of Parimatch — a worldwide brand, famous for its fighting spirit and partnerships with top football clubs, athletes and esports organisations.

As well as the Parimatch brand development, the firm also discovered and developed the potential of technologies for the industry. In 2021, its expertise in betting and iGaming technologies became vital, and Parimatch Tech was established to meet the Parimatch brand’s demand for technologies to conquer new heights.

Its platform handles peak betting loads from any top sports event on the planet without downtime, and can now provide full tech coverage for established gambling businesses, including a GR8 iGaming platform with a sportsbook, casino, payments hub, flexible API, CRM tools, player management, risk management, fraud prevention, gamification, and other custom tools and services.

It also offers GR8 BaaS (Business-as-a-Service), a ready-made business with a running structure, streamlined processes, launched marketing, a reporting system, and early financial results.

Then there’s the GR8 Parimatch franchise, with the well-known worldwide Parimatch brand and iGaming platform for regulated markets under complete partner management.

In addition, GR8 Tech offers consulting, integration, and operation services — all via a convenient one-stop-shop approach. The outcome is all-round, stable, resilient, adaptive, and highly scalable business solutions for iGaming companies, which are easy to integrate and manage without the need for supervision or intrusion.

Tailor-made gaming solutions

“Today’s B2B iGaming market is quite saturated with offers, yet it very much lacks consistency, convenience, and great service,” says GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov. “We are here to change that and set a new norm in what a great product means. GR8 Tech composes tailor-made gaming solutions designed to evolve and fit the changing business environments, thus allowing our partners the freedom of forward thinking and long-term planning. And that’s GR8.”

All GR8 Tech products and services have been quality checked by Parimatch brand operators worldwide. Company clients (Parimatch Eastern Europe, PМІ, Parimatch United) successfully use GR8 Tech products in 15 markets worldwide, including Ukraine, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, and several other countries across Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

The GR8 Parimatch brand is supported by several global partners, including Oleksandr Usyk, Parimatch Responsible Gambling Ambassador; four English Premier League teams (Leicester City, Chelsea, Aston Villa, and Newcastle United); and two top esports organisations (00Nation and Team Secret).

GR8 Tech’s first offline contact with the global iGaming community will take place on February 7-9, 2023, at ICE London, in meeting room S10-425, where attendees will be able to meet the company’s CEO, CTO, and BD Manager, and learn more about tech in the iGaming B2B market.

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