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Summer 2023 eDiscovery Pricing Survey reveals insights into pricing expectations for legal professionals 

One of the key takeaways from the eDiscovery Pricing Survey is the inherent complexity of pricing within the eDiscovery ecosystem, influenced by a multitude of factors.

ComplexDiscovery, a leading source for eDiscovery news and analysis, has recently published the results of its highly anticipated semi-annual eDiscovery Pricing Survey.

The survey, conducted from May 6 to May 26, 2023, garnered responses from 60 individuals working in various roles within the eDiscovery ecosystem. With its comprehensive analysis of pricing expectations, this survey equips legal professionals with valuable insights to make informed decisions and maximise the value they receive from eDiscovery services. 

Designed to shed light on pricing expectations within the eDiscovery field, the survey encompassed a wide range of pricing models, including volume-based and subscription-based structures.

Participants were presented with 24 multiple-choice questions that explored pricing in three key areas: collection, processing, and review. The survey also included additional general information background questions to provide contextual understanding of the survey results. Furthermore, respondents were given the opportunity to offer their own comments and considerations through an optional question. 

The survey’s findings yielded noteworthy results in terms of pricing ranges for specific eDiscovery services. When it came to the cost of an onsite collection conducted by a forensic examiner, 53.3 per cent of respondents indicated a range between 250 and 350 US dollars per hour.

For remote collections, 43.3 per cent of participants reported a similar pricing range of 250 to 350 US dollars per hour. Regarding the per-device cost for a desktop or laptop computer collection by a forensic examiner, 38.3 per cent of respondents selected a price point exceeding 350 US dollars per device. 

In the realm of processing pricing, the survey revealed that the per-gigabyte (GB) cost to process electronically stored information (ESI) based on volume at ingestion was between 25 and 75 US dollars per GB for 250 GB or less, according to 45 per cent of participants. For larger volumes of 251 GB or more, 38.3 per cent of respondents indicated a per-GB processing cost within the same range of 25 to 75 US dollars. Additionally, 41.7 per cent of participants reported that the per-GB per month cost to host ESI with analytics for 251 GB or more was below 15 US dollars. 

To provide a comprehensive overview, the survey also collected information about respondents’ geographical region, business segment, and primary function within their organisation’s eDiscovery-related operations.

Notably, 91.7 per cent of respondents primarily conducted eDiscovery-related business in North America, while 3.4 per cent were primarily based in Europe. Among the participants, 46.7 per cent represented law firms, with software and service providers accounting for 28.3 per cent of the respondents. 

One of the key takeaways from the eDiscovery Pricing Survey is the inherent complexity of pricing within the eDiscovery ecosystem, influenced by a multitude of factors.

By understanding these factors, eDiscovery professionals can make more informed decisions and ensure they obtain optimal value for their specific needs. The survey offers a snapshot of pricing expectations, enabling professionals to compare pricing against value and make well-informed choices.

For a more comprehensive view of the survey results, interested individuals can visit the official survey results page on the ComplexDiscovery website.

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