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Winners announced at the first annual Golden Boomerang Awards 2024 in Cyprus

The 11 most significant participants in the Golden Boomerang Awards traffic tournament were awarded heavyweight golden statuettes for contributing to the iGaming industry. The tournament is set to become an annual event.

The winners across 11 nominations were named and honored at the 2024 Golden Boomerang Awards Ceremony, organised by Boomerang Partners in Cyprus. More than 150 major affiliate marketing representatives from around the globe, including emerging European countries, visited an exclusive, new, first-in-industry event designed to recognise affiliates.  

The Golden Boomerang Awards incorporated a full-scale award event with a red-carpet experience. Boomerang Partners is the first company in the industry to create such an award, offering affiliates a one-of-a-kind awarding ceremony participation from the partner program.

The ceremony was opened by Ivan Krainov, co-founder of Boomerang: “The Golden Boomerang Awards is a fantastic initiative for our affiliate program. It’s an exciting opportunity for me to have my debut in the public eye, as I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to engage with our partners at this event. The Golden Boomerang Awards is our expression of gratitude to the partners who contribute immensely to the growth of Boomerang Partners.” 

The awards ceremony featured real rewards—actual golden statuettes, emphasizing the value of winning and partnership. The ceremony included the best options of modern live events: a beach party in the morning, and an awards ceremony in the evening—all with high-level networking opportunities, entertainment, live performances, and a DJ set, creating a festival atmosphere befitting an honoured celebration. 

“We’ve worked a lot with Boomerang Partners over the past year. It took us a couple of years to reach this level, and it’s just the culmination of our efforts over these years. This award has exceeded our expectations, and a big deal for us. We’re looking forward to next year and possibly winning the next Golden Boomerang Award,” said Julian Pfennig, co-founder of Apex Media, the grand winner of the Golden Boomerang Awards.

“Boomerang has been one of our top partners. They have a lot of brands and frequently launch new ones, so it never gets stale or boring. And we’re having a wonderful time at the Golden Boomerang Awards Ceremony: one winner after another, with spectacular shows between the nominations. The nominations themselves are exciting. So, yeah, this is a big show, and we’re enjoying it a lot.” 

2024 Golden Boomerang Awards Winners: 

  • Winner: Apex Media Ltd 
  • Rising Star: iGaming Awards (iGamingTeam) 
  • Most Innovative Campaign: IT Universe (Unbesiegbar) 
  • Best SEO Traffic: Media24 (AffMedia) 
  • Best PPC Traffic: Britex (Amirah&Co) 
  • Best Casino Traffic: MashaMedia (Unicorns) 
  • Best Sportsbook Traffic: Creatus Media (FTDeez) 
  • Best Quality Traffic: Inovatiq (HighRoller Gaming) 
  • Best Ambassador: G.Partners 
  • Best Affiliate: Aviate Leads (Avia Traf) 
  • People’s Choice: CasinoGuru (StarGlide) 

“We plan to make the Golden Boomerang Awards an annual event. And right from the start they set a high level—for the final event and results. Today guests from all continents flew to the ceremony. These are the winners, partners and top-leaders of the tournament. We have brought together a great professional community. We invited our partners to enhance their networking experience with enjoyable and productive interactions,” said Vitalii Prokofev, CEO at Boomerang Partners. 

As the Golden Boomerang Awards 2024 concludes, plans are already underway for next year’s event. Continuing its annual tradition, the Golden Boomerang Awards will return in 2025, once again offering unique opportunities to Boomerang Partners. 

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