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Żabka becomes first Polish company with Equal Salary certification 

“At Żabka we have been consistently building an organisational culture based on values for years,” says CEO Tomasz Suchański.

Żabka Polska has become the first Polish company to be awarded certification by the Equal Salary Foundation, based on UN guidelines and recognised by the European Commission. It strengthens the position of the company as an employer that has demonstrated its commitment to equality through real actions.

The Equal Salary Foundation is a Swiss foundation established in 2010 which offers a practical and scientific tool that allows companies to verify and communicate that they pay their female and male employees equally for the same role.

“At Żabka we have been consistently building an organisational culture based on values for years,” says CEO Tomasz Suchański.

“Trust in the company is the result of our actions and builds the credibility of processes in which employees participate. The payroll policy we have adopted ensures that the remuneration of employees depends solely on their skills, the results achieved, and the impact on the organisation.

“In the teams that make up our organisation, we value ingenuity and a fresh outlook, which is ensured by the diversity of experience and competencies of the people employed. In this way, we can meet the ambitious business challenges we face and effectively build our competitive advantage.”

Equal rewards

This has now been confirmed by the Equal Salary Foundation, through its Equal Salary Regardless of Gender certificate. 

“At our company, we ensure that everyone is equally rewarded for work of the same value and influence on the organisation,” says Żabka Group’s Chief People Office Jolanta Bańczerowska.

“Therefore, to reaffirm our commitment to creating equal salary opportunities, we implemented the equity policy in 2021 and underwent the external certification of Equal Salary. During the certification process, not only salary data was audited, but also focus groups talked to employees and checked their perceptions of equal opportunities in remuneration.

“Thus, the obtained certificate confirms not only equality in the conduct of salary policy, but also its perception and credibility among employees. The certification is obtained for three years. After this period, to confirm the equal approach to the method of remuneration, another certification is required, and this means a constant need to monitor and work on salary processes.”

Żabka, the fastest-growing chain of convenience stores in Poland, began preparations for Equal Salary certification in November 2021.

The certificate based on a coherent, science-based approach using UN guidelines and is recognised by the European Commission.

It includes analysis of data on salaries and an evaluation audit of the company’s HR policies, assessment of the company’s solutions from the perspective of the employee group, and involvement of the company’s management in ensuring equal salaries.

Beyond words

“Żabka Polska is the first Polish retail company to achieve the Equal Salary certification. By opening its doors to our auditors, Żabka Polska went beyond words and took a concrete and transparent step toward equal pay and inclusion. Through this action, Żabka Polska is strengthening its good governance and increasing its attractiveness and competitiveness,” says Noémie Storbeck, co-CEO of the Equal Salary Foundation. 

Other activities undertaken by Żabka to develop diversity and an inclusive organisational culture, the company describes in its latest Responsibility Report, published in June.

It is the fourth overview of activities carried out under the Responsibility Strategy published by the Żabka Group.

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