The allure of emerging Europe as a global GBS hub

In the dynamic realm of outsourced GBS, maintaining a competitive edge is imperative. The GBS.World Competitive Index for CX and Back Office provides an insightful window into this present competitive landscape, casting a spotlight on regions such as emerging Europe and its outstanding performance in the sector.

The 2023 edition of the GBS.World Competitive Index for CX and Back Office provides buyer-ranked insights into how global enterprises perceive the emerging European landscape for customer experience (CX) and back-office operations, an endeavour that aims to identify the regional winners and trends that are shaping the (global business services) GBS arena.

The foundation of this index, compiled by GBS.World, rests on the results from a 2023 Global Voice of the Buyer Survey. The research included 380 in-depth interviews conducted with global enterprise executives hailing from diverse organisations that outsource and offshore services.

These executives represent key markets in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

As such, the top countries across four global outsourcing regions, including emerging Europe, were ranked according to their final scores. Additionally, the index ranked countries at a regional level, where each location was placed in three categories: outstanding, proficient, or capable.

Frontrunner Poland

Poland emerges as a consistent frontrunner—earning the status of Outstanding in all five categories (customer lifecycle management/value customer support and service, customer sales and conversion, back office and digital contact communications) and coming in first in four of those categories regionally.

Most notably, Poland secured the top position worldwide in the digital contact communications category, surpassing fierce competitors across the globe, such as India.

Furthermore, Poland achieved a position in the top 10 worldwide for the remaining four categories—cementing itself in the global playing field for all CX and back office outsourcing operations.

It was also the only emerging Europe country to earn a spot in the top 10 worldwide for the category of customer lifecycle management/value, coming in fourth place globally with a combined score of 6.26 out of eight.

Elsewhere in the region, Hungary has also made remarkable strides, earning a spot in the Outstanding rankings for all five categories.

It also achieved spots in the top 10 worldwide for two categories—digital contact communications and customer service and support—coming in ninth position for both.

Romania secured an Outstanding ranking in three categories regionally and was positioned in the top 10 worldwide for back office. It also nabbed the top spot in the emerging European region for this category, surpassing strong regional contenders like Bulgaria, Poland, and Hungary.

Other noteworthy emerging European countries include Czechia (Outstanding in two categories regionally, and in the top 10 worldwide for two categories) and Croatia (Outstanding in three categories regionally, and in the top 10 worldwide for one category). These countries have consistently demonstrated their proficiency in meeting the diverse needs of international businesses.

The factors driving offshore growth for emerging Europe

The allure of emerging Europe as a global GBS hub is bolstered by a strategic shift among international enterprises. As the pursuit of cost-effective, high-quality CX and back-office solutions intensifies, these enterprises are increasingly turning to the region.

Key functions are poised for substantial growth over the next few years, as organisations look to optimize their operations.

Emerging Europe’s 12 appearances among the top 10 can also be attributed to the region’s tech-savvy youth workforce, time-zone proximity, and sophisticated digital infrastructure.

Indeed, with a burgeoning talent pool, competitive pricing, and a rapidly advancing IT infrastructure, emerging Europe is well-positioned to continue its ascent as a preferred destination for GBS investments.

As organisations worldwide embrace digital transformation, the region will play a more pivotal in the global GBS landscape.

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