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Dr. Wladimir Augustinski is the head of the Representative Office of German Economy in Belarus (RGE), which is a part of the worldwide network of the German Chambers of Commerce of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (130 offices in more than 90 countries) – the official tool of foreign economic policy of Germany. The RGE´s main goal is the active promotion and development of bilateral economic relations between Germany and Belarus.

Germany and Belarus: Thinking Globally Acting Locally

Despite the slowed growth of the world economy, Brexit and the other challenges of the European Union including a migration crisis and the instability of economic development in the Eurozone, associated with an increase of global risks, Germany is still the main engine of the integration process inside the EU. Germany is also one of the world’s leading FDI recipients and, according to the E&Y European Attractiveness Survey 2016 which was published in June 2016; it is the most attractive European country for investment. Continue reading Germany and Belarus: Thinking Globally Acting Locally