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From Lithuanian alt music project Snapsounds, a vinyl farewell

The final leg on the Snapsounds journey is a collaboration with a software development firm that showcases the powerful synergy of technology, music, and creative industries.

The audiovisual project Snapsounds, which documented the Lithuanian alternative music scene from 2009 to 2022, has announced that it is coming to an end. Snapsounds’ final act will be the release, later this year, of a limited edition vinyl anthology that encapsulates the project’s fourteen year journey.

Over the years, Snapsounds captured live musical performances in vivid, moody music videos, produced by composer Domas Strupinksas, sound engineer Tomas Verbaitis, and cinematographer Narvydas Naujalis.

Now, those live performances will be transferred to vinyl by the technology company deverium.

In all, Snapsounds—which began with a humble photo camera in 2009—produced an impressive collection of 25 music videos, each presenting a visual narrative with striking cinematography in order to bring musicians’ stories to life, capturing the essence of Lithuania’s alternative music scene.

Cinematographer Naujalis reminisces about the moments between takes, immersing himself in the world of musicians.

“Snapsounds allowed me to explore the intersection of music and visuals, providing valuable insights into how music can influence camera movement,” he says.

Producer Strupinskas emphasises the genuine love for music that defined the Snapsounds community.

“The only thing that matters is music. Stripping people from a lot of their own bullshit and having them actually perform their stuff in an environment that welcomes their art—seems like that was the right way to do it,” he reflects.

Verbaitis, the Snapsounds sound engineer, says that fun and games were his primary motivation for the project. His favourite moments were “when gut feeling and guesswork turned out to be right.”

As the years went by, the project experienced its share of challenges. The team often relied on the kindness of others, borrowing equipment and asking for favours to keep their passion-driven endeavour alive.

A farewell etched in vinyl

Snapsounds bids farewell to its musical odyssey with a limited edition vinyl anthology encompassing their output from 2009 to 2022.

Housed in a bespoke sleeve, this triple vinyl serves as a tribute to the team’s artistry and dedication, offering a unique perspective on Lithuania’s alternative music scene.

In one last creative collaboration, Augustinas Paukštė, an award winning creative director and founder of Andstudio, a creative agency based in Lithuania, and designer Domantė Nalivaikaitė embarked on a transformative journey to visually narrate the rich history of the Snapsounds project through the vinyl cover and packaging.

Paukštė explains, “We aimed to craft an immersive visual narrative that mirrors the rich history and sonic tapestry of the project—a chronicle that invites the audience to feel the pulse of every beat.”

The Snapsounds team will gift vinyl records to its valued artists, partners, and technical personnel, with the remaining anthology copies available for purchase. All proceeds will be directed towards supporting Ukraine.

Art and tech combine to encapsulate a legacy

This vinyl is made possible through a collaborative effort with deverium, a leading software development company committed to giving back to the community by supporting initiatives in art and culture.

“A lot of wheels had to spin together for Snapsounds to keep in motion for so many years and to retain its impact, and deverium understands what that’s like. It might seem like we work in different areas, but really we speak the same language,” says Strupinskas.

Erika Maslauskaitė, co-founder and CEO of deverium, echoes the sentiment, saying, “There are so many authentic creators in the world whose voices need to be heard. This collaboration with Snapsounds will be a lasting emblem of the values we share: community, authenticity, creativity, and innovation and growth.”

Photo by Adrian Korte on Unsplash

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