Belarusian start-up to launch world’s first intuitive keyboard

Clevetura, a Belarusian start-up, has completed the development of an intuitive keyboard system, a technology that combines a keyboard, touchpad and mouse. With sensors embedded into the keys, it ensures automatic and seamless transition between the typing and cursor control modes. The world’s first intuitive Click&Touch keyboard will be available in August under the Prestigio brand. The device will firstly be sold in the CIS and Baltic states — Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Latvia. In the future, the keyboard is expected to be made available to purchase in other countries.

Clevetura technology uses sensors that are embedded into the keys. This is unique in its operation compared to other devices, such as laptops or keyboards which use an external touch panel. The keys respond to gestures like a touchpad or mouse and the users can type, scroll or move the cursor without changing their palm position.

Switching between modes is automatic, with a built-in microcontroller instantly recognising and processing every touch and stroke. The users do not have to think about modes as the system recognises what they are doing. Intuitive interaction with the device and new user experience is what makes the system unique.

“A separate touch panel is not needed for a keyboard, as the keys perform its functions for you,” explain Clevetura co-founders Valentin Sokol and Mikhail Krupenkov. “All you need to do is swipe across them to control the cursor or perform other operations. It is convenient, functional and saves time as you do not need to constantly change the position of your hand. Actually, it offers a totally new experience of interacting with a computer as you do not need to think about input devices as everything is done intuitively.”

The Belarusian start-up has been operating as a resident of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP) for a number of years.

“Supporting talented people and promising projects is one of the Hi-Tech Park’s main objectives,” said HTP director Vsevolod Yanchevsky. HTP companies are increasingly creating products that are used globally. It is always pleasing when Belarusian start-ups launched from scratch here in the park receive international recognition. We will continue to support start-up projects in the future.”