China’s CMC to build CEE’s largest solar plant in Hungary

China National Machinery Import and Export (CMC) is building central Europe’s largest solar plant in Hungary, worth 32 billion forints (100 million euros). The project will support the country’s climate policy targets, including making Hungary a country that can produce energy in a carbon neutral way by 2050.

“The solar park will contribute to developing a well-balanced and sustainable energy mix in Hungary and guaranteeing the country’s energy security,” said László Palkovics, Hungary’s innovation and technology minister.

“Hungary is sometimes classified as a climate change-sceptical country, but if we look at the Hungarian people and at the performance of the Hungarian economy in terms of sustainability, we have no reason to be ashamed: Hungary has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 32 per cent since 1990, achieving the 40 per cent reduction target for 2030,” he added.

CMC is planning to establish a regional centre in Hungary, from which it will manage the preparations for further development in 16 Central and Eastern European countries.

The 100-megawatt solar power plant will be built in Kaposvár and will be able to satisfy the electricity demand of a city with 50,000 inhabitants.