Czech online retailer forced to change name after pressure from Amazon

Czech online retailer Emazon has been forced to change its name after coming under pressure from online giant retailer Amazon, which threatened to sue its Czech counterpart.

Defining itself as a ‘webshop out of the ordinary’, Emazon was founded six months ago to sell quality products at advantageous prices.

A various range of items are available such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, car accessories, medical and cosmetic aids, sport equipment, turning Emazon into one of the most popular Czech websites.

“We never expected such a global giant to feel threatened by a small Czech website,” said Emazon web engineer Jiří Pavelky.

Given the small size of the Czech company, and the prohibitive cost of defending a law suit, the company has decided to change its name to Ezam.

“The new name could slow down sales, especially because it is happening so close to Christmas. However, due to our prices, which are in most cases the best on the Czech market, I don’t think we have nothing to fear,” added Mr Pavelky.