Dacia to extend Romanian factory in 100 million-euro investment

Carmaker Dacia, owned by Renault, has announced plans to invest 100 million euros in the extension of its Romanian assembly plant.

“Dacias are sold in over 44 countries,” said the company’s boss, Christophe Dridi. “But Romania is not the only country to produce Dacia cars. There are 11 plants around the world producing cars under the brand. But Romania is Dacia’s home country, and in order to continue to be the brand’s centre of gravity we need to strengthen the chain of global car access, from design, to manufacturing, logistics and trade, and also to increase our production capacity and attract new suppliers.”

The investment will be carried out over the next two years, and will create 300 new jobs at the plant, located in the small town of Mioveni, close to the city of Pitești. A quarter of the investment will be provided by the Romanian state.

Dacia sold 519,000 cars in the EU in 2018, a 12 per cent increase on 2017. Its market share is 3.4 per cent. More than 1,400 cars are produced each day at the Mioveni plant, and the investment will increase capacity by 15 per cent.