Gaz-System to build Poland-Slovakia pipeline

Xanthi. Greece - July 30 2017: aerial view of construction of gas pipeline Trans Adriatic Pipeline - TAP in north Greece. The pipeline starts from the Caspian sea and reaches the coast of southern Italy

Polish gas operator Gaz-System has been chosen to construct a pipeline linking Poland and Slovakia.

“The Poland-Slovakia gas connection is an important element in building an integrated European gas market,” said Artur Zawartko, vice president of Gaz-System. “It will allow us to increase gas transmission from the LNG terminal and the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline to our partners from Central and Eastern Europe.”

The value of the contract amounts to over 117 million euros and work will begin in September. An important benefit for the local community will be the property tax paid annually by Gaz-System, which will be up to two per cent of the constructed transmission infrastructure value.

“In order to pass under the elements of the road and municipal infrastructure and watercourses, approximately 20 smaller trenchless crossings will be made, with a total length of 885 meters,” explained Mr Zawartko. “In addition, there will be drilling conducted under the Sanoczek River at a depth of approximately 50 meters and a length of approximately one kilometre. Moreover, the gas pipeline route runs through mountainous areas, with an elevation of 337 meters from the starting point at the Strachocina station to the final point at the Polish border. On the gas pipeline route, two shut-off and relief valve systems will be constructed in the towns of Płonna and Nowy Łupków.”