H&M to open stores in Belarus

Fashion giant H&M is planning to open several stores in Belarus, with the country keen to also see the Swedish company manufacture clothes in the country.

“We talked about the investment plans of the Swedish brand and offered to consider production and procurement in Belarus. There is a chance, it is a priority for us,” said the Belarusian ambassador to Sweden Dmitry Mironchik.

The company has already recruited more than 100 local residents to work in its stores in the Belarusian capital and larger regional cities.

The opening of the first H&M store is scheduled for September 28 at the Galleria Minsk shopping mall.

“We are doing our best to convince the Swedes to get involved. IKEA managed to look at Belarus from this angle, we hope that H&M will do as well,” Mr Mironchik added, recalling the Swedish furniture giant’s decision earlier this year to open a manufacturing site in Belarus’ Grodno region.

Speaking with Belarusian news portal TUT.BY, the ambassador also said that Belarus had offered the Swedish company the possibility of manufacturing its clothes at a local site and purchasing raw materials from Belarusian producers.