Relex gets green light for digital transformation centre

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Ahead of a major AI blockchain summit in Malta, the governor of the Vitebsk region in Belarus has given the green light to Relex to develop a digital transformation centre in the country.

Relex is the first technology company in Belarus to be given approval to conduct activities aimed at developing Digital Belarus. The development of the digital transformation centre will integrate the real world economy of Belarus with the Relex platform and Relex token. Projects such as Woodfine Capital Projects in Canada and My Thuy International Port in Vietnam will be prioritised for investment promotion within Belarus.

“The creation of a new institution on this scale is unprecedented in the crypto space, and we will be working with partners both inside and outside of Belarus to effect this digital transformation. We are very excited about last week’s approval, and we will reveal further details to investors and the Maltese government at the Malta AI Blockchain Summit,” said Keith Hilden, founder of Relex.

The digital transformation centre will offer access to large amounts of capital without financial intermediaries, and create opportunities for sales and equity strategies for customers.

“The dawn of the prosumer economy begins in Belarus,” added Mr Hilden. “The Relex digital system enables the owning of equity of the products they purchase. Think of a normal purchase at McDonalds, and the cashier ends the transaction with ‘Would you like shares with that?’ This for a variety of retail and wholesale sectors is the future of the digital economy. Initially this will be done with the integration of prosumer transportation to existing transportation systems in nations such as Canada and Belarus.”

The project also targets the integration of the real world economy with the digital financial system.

“The aim of the digital transformation centre is to digitalise consumption and investment within the Republic of Belarus, and the Relex platform and Relex token will be at the epicentre of that transformation,” concluded Mr Hilden.

Relex is a member of the Emerging Europe Alliance for Business Services, Innovation and Technology initiative, the fastest growing and most innovative business coalition in the region.