The Hungarian invention protecting patients and passengers

Hungarian company Resysten has produced a revolutionary solution that turns surfaces into self-cleaning germ eaters.

The solution, called WhiteTitian, is completely safe to humans, but kills germs, bacteria or superbugs.

WhiteTitan is sprayed over and bonds at nano level to the surface, and then, when in contact with light, becomes active and remains so for a year, on any surface.

Resysten recently signed a contract with the Hungarian national health service to coat 50 regional hospitals over they next three years, and has already completed spaying the country’s largest hospital, which has 1,000 beds.

WhiteTitan is 99.9 per cent successful in eliminating harmful bacteria and is in use in food production units and on the public transportation systems in Hungary, protecting passengers on trams, buses, overground and underground trains. All escalator rails in tube stations are also coated. The product is also being used in Austria and the Czech Republic, and the company is keen to get a foothold in Western Europe.

“We have a turnkey solution to help rid hospitals of killer germs,” said Peter Lehoczky, the CEO of Resysten. “The cost savings to the health service will be huge. More importantly, lives will be saved as a result.”

Lehoczky will be presenting the technology in London on October 17 at the Hungarian Embassy at 35 Eaton Square, Belgravia, at a workshop dedicated to personalised digital healthcare and patient safety. The event begins at 10am.