Ukrainian start-up SolarGaps receives one million euros funding from the EU

The European Commission has approved a one million-euro grant in equity-free funding for Ukrainian start-up SolarGaps under the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding scheme.

“SolarGaps has become the first Ukrainian start-up to receive an SME Instrument Horizon 2020 Phase 2 grant since an interview stage in Brussels was introduced. The start-up secured one million euros of equity-free funding for commercialisation of the world’s first smart blinds with solar panels,” Ukrainian investment group Inventure said in a statement.

SolarGaps invented the world’s first smart window blinds, which allow the production of green energy from the window surface and thus decreases CO2 emissions. As one of Ukraine’s leading innovation start-ups, the company has participated in two of the largest acceleration programmes in the US: Singularity University and HAX Growth.

The start-up previously received a grant of 50,000 euros from the EU’s research and innovation programme under the guidelines of its SME Instrument Phase 1 framework.