Made in Emerging Europe: XGLU Diabetes Monitoring for the Future

Marek Novák is the designer and one of the founders behind XGLU, a Czech company specialising in manufacturing an affordable and smart glucometre. No bigger than a credit card, XGLU has been developed with cloud-enabled software solutions, implemented Bluetooth and several innovative features in a mobile app solution to provide additional comfort to diabetes patients.

The XGLU’s small form factor, which means that it can fit in your wallet, removes the need to carry an additional case containing a glucometre, strips and lancing device. Add to that the technology going in to the device and the smartphone application which offers a huge amount of data, and this is without a doubt the future of diabetic monitoring.

“Our solution is the one of the first (if not the first) which provides active family and caregiver involvement in the treatment process,” says Marek Novák. “With our glucometer and our cloud solution, family members and caregivers can have real-time data and notification of alerts. Education of the family is as important as professional medical care. Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which successful outcomes are directly dependent on the discipline of the patient.”

By providing a solution whereby the patient’s family can be directly involved and can monitor what is happening, they will be better informed, enabling them to be proactive in ensuring their diabetic family member is safe at all times.

“There are Bluetooth-enabled glucometres on the market, there are smartphone apps for diabetes patients which can be downloaded but this psychosocial aspect of diabetes care has been totally forgotten. This is something we would like to improve,” Mr Novák concludes.

The XGLU glucometer is expected to be available in the EU sometime in 2019.