AmCham Romania: Country needs a coordinated digitalisation agenda

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The digitalisation of Romania’s public administration requires “a shared vision and a set of correlated strategies that should be designed, planned and coordinated by one entity” for the country’s entire public sector, the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania has said.

AmCham Romania endorsed the new Romanian government’s plans to centralise the coordination of the public digitalisation process by delegating the task to the government’s chief information officer, which it considers strategically important in formulating public policies for technology and digital fields.

Digitising Romania’s public administration is among the country’s greatest challenges. However, it also presents an opportunity for development with a wide impact on the country’s economy, AmCham Romania stressed in a statement.

“Romania can no longer afford to delay firm and coherent measures to reduce gaps in terms of digitalisation. The digital economy is for many EU members and countries in the region a present reality, while for Romania it still is a target,” Elisabeta Moraru, AmCham Romania’s vice president and co-chair of the organisation’s Digital Economy Committee said, calling on Romanian decision-makers across the political spectrum to “support the transformation of Romania’s public administration into an efficient and transparent process.”

AmCham Romania has previously recommended that the government’s CIO should be responsible for coordinating areas such as Romania’s interoperability framework, its national Digital Agenda, a transparent public procurement, an Open Government Partnership, the implementation of a government platform cloud computing and an action plan for artificial intelligence and blockchain.