America forsakes Europe; Kazakh soccer in crisis: Elsewhere in emerging Europe

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Why has America forsaken Europe?

As the continent is riven by crises, the United States doesn’t seem to have a strategy, a policy, or even a goal for their relations.

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Bulgarians hope ‘new path’ doesn’t end up like old one

The surprise winners in Bulgaria’s third general election this year promise a radical break from past corruption – but the public has heard these pledges before.

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Georgia: A democracy on the edge

Former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili has been on hunger strike now for 48 days, in protest against what he alleges is his politically-motivated arrest. It’s a fight that serves as a proxy for the debate over Georgia’s future and its fragile democracy.

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The UK contributes to the Polish-Belarus crisis

As British troops fly out to aid their Polish allies, the thousands of hungry, cold and frightened people amassed on the Polish-Belarusian border are increasingly pawns in a populist political game.

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Turkmenistan tightens control of information as economic situation worsens

For many ordinary residents of the capital of Turkmenistan, a new day starts by standing in a long line for subsidised bread at a state-owned grocery store.

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Kazakhstan’s soccer rout invites scrutiny: Where have all the billions gone?

A devastating loss to France was not only “an embarrassment for the country,” but also a moment to reflect on lavish government spending.

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The challenges of being an athlete from Kosovo

Many Kosovar athletes are world famous and win international competitions, but politics can prevent them from competing. Such obstacles have had a huge effect on their career aspirations and earning potential.

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In coal mine’s shadow, quarrelling Czechs and Poles fear for their futures

While the Czech and Polish governments negotiate a settlement to their dispute over the Turów mine, residents on both sides of the border remain stuck between a rock and a hard place, facing the environmental fallout of coal mining and the potentially painful social and economic impact of a green transition.

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Why is no one buying Romanian wine?

Romania is one of the most productive wine countries in the world, but only a tiny fraction of its output is bought abroad.

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Behind Skopje’s Gen Z revival

North Macedonia celebrated 30 years of independence on September 8, 2021. But the Macedonian cultural scene has been neglected for as long as the country has been independent.

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