Anti-government demonstrations continue in Serbia and Montenegro

Thousands of protesters marched in the capitals of Serbia and Montenegro on March 3 against corruption, the violation of media freedom and in support of their countries’ European integration.

In Montenegro, several thousand people took it to the streets of the capital Podgorica for the fourth time to call for the resignation of president Milo Đukanović, prime minister Duško Marković and the country’s supreme state prosecutor Ivica Stanković.

The protests started after Duško Knežević, a longtime ally of the Montenegrin prime minister accused Mr Đukanović and the Democratic Party of Socialists of corruption.

According to Reuters, the ruling party have denied the corruption claims and called the demonstrations legitimate, as long as they are peaceful.

Meanwhile, rallies against the ruling party in Serbia continued in Belgrade for the 13th consecutive week where around 10,000 Serbs demanded the resignation of president Aleksandar Vučić and his government over allegations of authoritarianism and corruption.

The demonstrators marched under a banner reading “1 of 5 million” after Mr Vučić claimed that he would not stand down even if five million Serbs marched against him and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party.