Digital Business Space Gives All Businesses an Office in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina - August 24 2015. View from Vraca Memorial Park with building of Avaz Twist Tower

The first Digital Business Space has opened its doors in Sarajevo; helping the city reach the level of other advanced metropolises. The concept, which was developed by the South Eastern European Business Agency (SEEBA), aims to offer business people a working place in the city centre.

“The idea for the Digital Business Space came as a response to the increasing interest of business travellers and remote workers who are relocating to Sarajevo for a period of time,” Hanna Cerić, business analyst at SEEBA, tells Emerging Europe.

“Sarajevo is the crossing point between the east and the west, and we have begun to see lots of business people from both directions either making a lay-over in Sarajevo, or settling down for a more permanent time, to do their business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following the trends in other European capitals, where business lounges are popping up in premium locations, we decided to set up and open the Digital Business Space at Ferhadija, in the midst of the city centre,” she adds

According to the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIPA), the ICT sector is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, contributing around €75 million to the country’s GDP. There are around 1,400 companies and about 2,500 to 3,500 programmers, who, in terms of their knowledge, skills, experience and insight into modern trends, are frequently ahead of their colleagues in other European countries.

“Digital Business Space provides business people the work conditions they expect, while keeping the same standard and quality that one can find in other cities across Europe. We also offer a full virtual office service, if you decide to relocate your business, or open up a branch, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The space’s premium location, in the heart of Sarajevo, allows professionals to experience the true colours of this beautiful city whilst doing business,” Ms Ceric adds.

In order to strengthen Sarajevo’s position on the business map, the Digital Business Space also runs an SME Up-Skilling Centre, which is a business training and coaching session for local and international small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to enable and empower businesses, this Up-Skilling Centre will offer seminars, coaching sessions and mentorships, business model innovation boot-camps, networking event and digital innovation missions.