Estonia tops major new investment survey as Poland slips

Estonia is the preferred destination for investors in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, according to a new economic survey produced by the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) in cooperation with 14 other bilateral chambers in Poland.

Poland itself has dropped down one place since last year, to third, behind the Czech Republic in second.

However, the difference in scores between the top five is marginal: Estonia received a score of 4.2 points (from a maximum six), the Czech Republic 4.16, Poland 4.05, Slovakia 4.02 and Slovenia 3.98.

The survey, which was completed by 205 foreign companies operating in Poland as well as about 1,400 foreign investors across 20 countries, was carried out between February and March 2019.

As a whole, respondents found that Poland is still a destination worthy of future investment, with 94.5 per cent saying that they would invest in Poland again.

“Poland receives positive marks from foreign investors most of all thanks to its membership in the EU, quality staff and availability of suppliers. Critical marks are given for low predictability of economic policy,” reads the report, which adds: “staff quality (well-qualified employees, their engagement and motivation), as well as good availability of local suppliers, create a positive image of Poland.”

However the country continues to fall short in the eyes of foreign investors when it comes to “matters related to the legal framework: predictability of economic policy, political and social stability, as well as the taxation system, agencies, and tax burden.”