Hungary and Serbia to reconstruct cross-border railway line

Hungary and Serbia are on the same page on a number of issues. The two governments signed a memorandum this week on military-technical co-operation that aims to further improve the bilateral defence affiliation between Belgrade and Budapest. Furthermore, Hungary has expressed its strong support for Serbia to join the European Union, accusing Brussels of being unfair toward the Balkan state.

“It is in Hungary’s clear interests for Serbia to be a strong country, in view of the fact that the strength of our neighbours adds to ours,” said Hungary’s minister of foreign affairs and trade Péter Szijjártó.

“We do not accept the fact that the EU cannot be enlarged until 2025, and we also do not accept the fact that the European Commission is artificially slowing Serbia’s integration process,” he added, underling that Hungary is the only one who dares to openly voice its opinion.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić also said the two countries are partners in two international infrastructure projects: the modernisation of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line and the Turk Stream natural gas pipeline.

In fact, Serbia has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hungary to invest 55.8 million euros in the reconstruction of a cross-border railway line. The maximum train speed on the Subotica-Horgos-Szeged route will increase to 120 km/h, while its load capacity will grow to 22.5 tonnes per axle.