EU praises Armenia’s human rights ombudsman

In a new report looking at the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, presented during the ongoing OSCE high-level conference in Warsaw, the European Union has praised the work of the Armenian Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office, and the positive role of its staff in monitoring the many peaceful rallies which took place earlier this year.

“It is an excellent example which shows how independent monitoring can encourage democracy,” said the EU in a statement.

The Armenian Ombudsman has been active  several fields, such as the protection of rights of detainees held by police and the prevention of torture. Its role in the electoral process and protection of the right to vote was also important.

The EU’s show of support highlights the significance of the freedom of speech and assembly, the role of civil society and national human rights institutions.

The annual OSCE human rights conference in Warsaw opened on September 7. During the two-week meeting, delegations discuss human rights issues and the challenges faced in several countries. The conference is unique because civil societies have full access to working sessions and can discuss problems with government representatives on an equal footing. More than one hundred NGOs and civil society groups are attending the conference.