Euronews teams up with HD-WIN to launch Serbian channel

Lyon-based broadcaster Euronews has teamed up with Serbian media group HD-WIN to launch Euronews Serbia, a news channel and digital platform aimed at a Serbian-speaking audience.

HD-WIN is owned by Telekom Srbija and currently operates four sports channels under the Arena Sport brand.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with HD-WIN to create a quality independent media,” said Euronews CEO Michael Peters. “The launch of Euronews Serbia is yet another testament to how reliable and attractive the Euronews brand is. In the past 25 years, Euronews has become a recognised and trustworthy media, thanks in particular to our “All Views” editorial line, which guarantees an impartial treatment of news. It’s this experience, this expertise and this requirement that we are bringing today to Euronews Serbia, which will be an independent media as Euronews has always been.”

Predrag Culibrk, CEO of Telekom Srbija, added: “It is our great pleasure to offer our viewers in Serbia and the region a new news channel in Serbian with content tailored to a local audience, by associating ourselves with the brand and standards of one of the leading media houses in Europe and the world – Euronews. In addition, we appreciate the trust that Euronews placed upon us by this partnership, as it unambiguously confirms that we are a company operating in compliance with high European standards. Embracing the role of the regional leader in the field of telecommunications, we will strive to achieve and maintain partnerships with the best players in their respective industries in order to provide our customers with top-quality services.”

The new platform will employ 100 people. Euronews currently broadcasts in 12 languages. Last year, Euronews partnered with IN Media group to launch Euronews Albania, a TV and digital media offering targeted at residents of Albania as well as Albanian speakers in Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.