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Georgian education receives 90 million-euro World Bank boost

Representatives of the World Bank and the Georgian government have signed an agreement to implement a project worth 90 million euros with the aim of supporting the country’s education system from 2019 to 2026, Georgia Today has reported.

The project covers a number of areas such as improving the quality of teaching in Georgian schools and the quality of childhood education, strengthening the financing of the higher education system, promoting the internationalisation of Georgian schools, as well as supporting gender equality and the inclusion of vulnerable students.

“This project aims to support Georgia in accelerating investments in human capital to boost innovation, entrepreneurship and productivity in an increasingly competitive global economy,” said Mercy Tambon, World Bank regional director for the South Caucasus, adding that the bank considers the country committed to “invest in its people”.

Speaking at a press conference on June 20, Georgia’s education minister Mikheil Batiashvili acknowledged that the World Bank remains a significant partner for Georgia, and noted that a quarter of the next budget cycle will be spent on education.