Hungary launches the first incubator for agricultural startups

The Hungarian National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and Central Europe’s leading innovation agency Design Terminal launched the NAK TechLab, the first incubator for agricultural startups.

NAK TechLab aims at finding the most innovative solutions in the domestic agri-food sector, making the sector more competitive, sustainable and environmentally conscious.

“Explosive changes are expected in the agriculture sector due to the proliferation of digital technologies and new innovative solutions, as exemplified by the startups included in the program, which can make a major contribution to the efficiency of the agro-economy,” said Balázs Győrffy, president of NAK. “It is an indisputable responsibility of NAK to make solutions available to Hungarian farmers as soon as possible.”

The incubation program consists of three parts or sprints, for a total duration of three months. The 13 most promising teams were invited to the first sprint, a three-day Bootcamp, from which eight startups entered the later stages of the program.

The main objective for the agricultural sector is to discover, learn about and apply innovative solutions that can fundamentally renew the domestic agriculture and food industry, as well as eliminate the sector’s prejudices.

“We are laying the foundations for a new system that will continue to provide young farmers with an interest in agriculture, added Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, Head of Design Terminal. “With the opportunity to integrate their innovations into the everyday life of the industry.

NAK and Design Terminal will also work with large companies through workshops, consultations, and mentorship programs.

The selected startups include Agrodat and Moly.Net whose data processing helps to reduce the use of chemicals while protecting plants; Alzagro, which developed a reliable grain sampling drone; GosTech utilises artificial intelligence for harvesting fruits; Growberry’s solution is based on hydroponic; Led Lighting offers poultry farmers an alternative to replace obsolete systems; OKOSFARM and PigBrother offers high-level security control through sensors and without any human intervention.