Hungary looks to become leader in drone technology

The application opportunities and economic effects of unmanned aircraft are significant, and Hungary is striving to achieve a leading role in the development of drone technology, the country’s minister for innovation and technology has said.

The minister, László Palkovics, said that progress could improve growth and competitiveness prospects, as well as the quality of life of Hungarian families.

“Agriculture and forest management, logistics, freight and public transport already use such equipment on a daily basis, and drones are used to monitor network infrastructure and public services”, said the minister.

The market opportunities of drone technology could exceed 10 billion euros per year on the European continent, and the number of authorised drone flights in Hungary could increase tenfold to over 20,000 within the near future.

Mr Palkovics also stressed that the regulatory environment must not just follow development, but promote it, and the challenges posed by drones must also be taken into account. From among these, he highlighted a ban on unwanted flights, the protection of sensitive infrastructure, protected institution and public privacy.

Hungarian higher education institutions are undertaking a significant role in the development of drone technology and have recognised the importance of related knowledge. Drones are also in use at the Zalaegerszeg test track for self-driving vehicles, opened earlier this year.